Welcome! ISNA is a working group of diverse community stakeholders and immigrant service providers operating together to coordinate efforts, increase public awareness, and inform policy, in order to better serve the immigrant community. We meet quarterly at the Terrazas Public Library, see schedule of upcoming meetings. Check our Upcoming Events page to keep updated with immigration-related events in the Austin area.

We share information with each other, and educate and outreach to the community at large. We come together in order to have a stronger, broader voice on immigrant issues. We maintain ISNA as a neutral, non-political arena where stakeholders can convene in order to work towards local solutions. We engage and remain in dialogue with partners from all issue areas and sectors. We support one another in our respective work to care for the immigrant community. We respect the dignity and humanity of all immigrants, regardless of status.

ISNA promotes the success and well-being of immigrants in order to secure the long-term prosperity of the entire community.

Become a member of ISNA! It’s as simple as filling out and sending this electronic form.